Rise of the Dark Queen

Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls

Wherein our heroes fight lots of ghouls

Deciding to take the northern tunnel, the party discovers a room that was obviously once the main barracks for the dwarven miners. They also find a small pack of three hungry ghouls, munching on the remains of said dwarven miners. Smelling fresh meat, the undead creatures quickly attack. Though they are outnumbered, the ghouls put up a huge fight, but eventually they are taken down. Worn down from both the ghouls and the stirges, the party decides that the barracks would make a good, defensible position from which to rest and make deeper forays into the mine. While resting in the room, Allie decides to send out his raven friend to investigate some of the surrounding dungeon.

Meanwhile, locked in the room with the remains of dead dwarves and ghouls, the party can hear scratching and groaning coming from the western door of the barracks. It only lasts a few minutes before the sounds seem to retreat. When the raven comes back, Lael uses her speak with animal spell to hear its report. The raven tells her that there are a large number of ghouls, some were wandering the maze of mine shafts to the east, but they retreated to what appears to be a ghoul next in a large cavern to the north. The raven, not being very good with numbers, can only say there were more than four ghouls there.

After spending some time talking about what to do next, they decide that the best case of action is to just attack quickly and hopefully get the drop on the undead. Moving through the mine shafts to a northern tunnel, they find the large cavern the raven described. The center part of the cavern is sunken, but stairs on either side lead in and out of it. It is in this sunken area where the ghouls have gathered the remains of the dwarves and orcs that fought here centuries before. It is also where the ghouls have gathered, about seven of them.

The party sets themselves up in the mine shafts just south of the cavern, and then uses blood to draw a ghoul or two towards them. The plan works better than expected, as all seven undead charged towards the stairway. Lael cast a moonbeam spell right on the stairs, so that each ghoul has no choice but to go through it on their way down. Egging them down the stairs, though, are Allie and Nissin, while Steve, Torian, Meleas and Amos were on either side of the stairs to attack them as they came through the Moonbeam.

Despite overwhelming numbers, the plan mostly worked. Although several party members took a lot of damage, including Nissin, who nearly was killed in the fight, they ghouls were destroyed. Victorious but tired after a day of travel and fighting, the party retreated back to the barracks to rest for the night. Allie, only needing half the rest of most of the party, deices to head out and scout while the rest of the party rests. He goes to explore the western mine shafts, which appear to be just that, old, empty mine shafts. He slowly makes his way through the tunnels, though, mapping them out for use by the rest of the party later. However, while in the tunnels alone, he is attacked by an ochre jelly. The ooze proves to be tougher than Allie expected, and he falls under the attack. His raven friend flees and raises the alarm with the rest of the party, most of whom are just waking up from their rest. They quickly grab their gear and rush to Allie’s aid.

They arrive in time to see the jelly covering Allie in an attempt to digest the dark elf. The strikes come quickly, but when Meleas attacks with Talon, her magic sword, the ooze splits into two, and the party now finds themselves fighting on two fronts. This time, however, they change their tactics and start using more magic attacks. With the split, the two new jellies seem to ignore Allie, who is pulled out of the area by Meleas, who uses her own healing magic and potions to bring her teammate back from the edge of death. Meanwhile, the rest of the party uses a combination of spells and blunt weapons to destroy the two jellies. The group returns to their Barracks headquarters to discuss future plans and how no one should wander off on their own from now on.


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